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Frequently Asked Questions


It's okay to use washing up liquid to wash a vehicle?

No is the simple answer! These types of cleaners often contain ingredients that can cause serious harm to vehicle paint. These substances can strip the outer coatings that protect the paint. When exposed to oxidation, the paint dries out prematurely.


Can you carried out work whilst I am out?

Yes we can carry out all of your vehicle valeting needs even if you are not available. Prior arrangement for the handling of keys must be agreed and pre payment must be taken via PayPal (you do not need a paypal account). We cannot take responsibility for keys left unattended in unsafe locations. 


Is a lifetime protection worth it?

Yes in many cases new or nearly new cars come with these, and are great for keeping the paint in excellent condition, with no need to polish ever again the appeal can be great, with diamondbrite we can offer this protection to anyone with any car no matter the age. The packages come with after care products which aid you in caring for your vehicle after the product is applied, they come with a conserver and the new formula does not necessarily need it to keep the terms and conditions of its guatantee like its orginal form, but it should be applied after bird droppings are clean off the car within a seven day period.


Can you carry out lifetime protection aftercare?

Yes, we stock the Diamondbrite Conserver, but if it is a different make of protection due to the amount of different types we suggest you make keep a bottle of your conserver or paint sealant for your vehicle. That way only a small labour charge is added to the price of your valet


What payment options do you take?

Due to covid-19 card is perferred, but cash will be accepted. People wishing to pay card in limited mobile signal areas of Norfolk we will require Wifi connection. All card payments are safe and secured by PayPal.


What is Diamondbrite Carbon Class?

There is a NEW option on the market for the elite, The all-new Diamondbrite Carbon Class, second to none this unrivalled protection for your cars paintwork and upholstery. It gives the sharp crisp feel of a the ceramic coatings the likes of detailers around the world offer but instead of the short life span, Diamondbrite guarantees protection LIFETIME, this unique compound of Flurocarbon polymers form a highly durable and ultra thin sub micron barrier. This technology is design to produce a 'self healing' barrier that is not only water and soil repellent but also contains specialist UV absorbers preventing UV damage. This comes with a bespoke Carbon Class aftercare presentation box


Why is there a deposit taken?

We are a small local and independant company and we request a deposit to secure the booking and avoid cancellations at last minute as your valet appointment is reserved especially for you. I therefore ask that you notify me 48 hours in advance of your appointment if you wish to reschedule or cancel the appointment.

Late cancellations cost the business and myself precious time and money and therefore if I receive less than 48 hours notice of cancellation, a cancellation fee will be charged.

The cancellation charge is 50% of original booking cost.

Any future appointments will be cancelled or not rebooked until the cancellation fee has been paid.

Please note: All clients are required to pay £10 or 10% deposit (whichever is higher) to secure appointment. This is refundable if the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled 48 hours before booking is due to be carried out.


COVID-19 UPDATE: If within the 48 hour of your booking you have or gain symtoms for Covid-19 we will reschedule appointments for you between 18-21 days without losing your deposit. If you still wish to cancel then standard cancellation charge will apply.





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